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Puppy Care

Do not take your puppy around any other pets or put on ground where other dogs have been until your puppy has had all his vaccinations!

Take Home Care

Each puppy gets a take-home kit. Before going to his new home, your puppy will have his first set of immunizations, de-wormer, and vet records.

Nutrition & Food

Your new puppy will come with food. For 1 month, refrain from changing your puppies’ food. Never modify a puppy’s diet abruptly as it can cause stomach distress and diarrhea. 

Hypoglycemia can be an issue in very small puppies. Nutrition or baby food mixed with syrup might boost sugars to combat this.

Transition & Socialization

Your puppy will also get a toy and blanket that smell like his parents. Do not wash blanket for few days while puppy adjusts to new house. The blanket will help your dog adjust.

Before your puppy’s vaccinations, don’t let them around other pets or on dog-walked ground. This keeps your dog healthy. Do not leave puppies alone with small children and teach them how to hold them without squeezing or dropping him or her.

What you'll need


What's the average cost?

Carolina Mini Poodles

$2,800 -$3,500 miniatures & toys
  • AKC Registered
  • 5 Generation Healthy Pedigree
  • New Puppy Take Home Kit
  • Red Miniature & Toy Poodles

Puppy Application

Pay Deposit

Other Payment Options

Want to pay your deposit another way? We take Zelle, Paypal, and Venmo too!

Contract & Certifications

Puppy Contract

This contract is to place a reservation for a puppy from Carolina Mini Poodles in the name of the buyer listed below and to protect both BREEDER and BUYER’S interests.  Please copy, fill out and submit the contract below:

Additional FAQs

Your Puppy will have all first set of vaccinations, de-wormer & all his medical records from his Vet examinations before he goes to his new home. 

It is very important that you do not take your puppy around Any other pets or put on ground where other dogs have been until your puppy has had all his vaccinations. This is to prevent your puppy from getting sick!

A Vet Exam is required 48 hours from pick up and must include a fecal test. The vet Exam must be Emailed to me the same day the exam is done! If this is not done in the required time the Health Guarantee will be void!

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